1261 Wheels Dr., Forest, VA 24551
(434) 660-0850 (Steve Price)
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IHRA Summit Super Series IHRA Summit Super Series

Track Sponsors

New London Dragway is looking for Track Sponsors. If you are interested,
please Contact Us or call
Steve Price at (434) 660-0850.

Next Race

August 10th 

Gates open at 8 am , Church service at 10.30 am , Time runs start at 11 am

Come on out and see some great drag racing action 

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Jr. Dragster

 Winner - T.J. Jones

 Runner Up - Aveyun Creasy


Winner - Debo Anthony

Runner Up - Travis Ferguson

Trophy Street 

Winner - Mike Sayers

Runner Up - Matt Lawrence

Foot Brake

Winner - George Harper

Runner Up - Matt Sayers

Super Pro

Winner - Allen Thomson

Runner Up - Shana Yeatts

Who to call for what?

If you have questions regarding the timing system, the computer system or the staging, burnout or actual track, please call Steve.  He handles all of the technical "stuff."

If you have questions regarding points or winnings, please call Yvonne at 434-610-7644.  Again, points will not be discussed on track day, but I will be glad to answer your concerns any other time.   Thanks!

Since the drivers came to see me this past Sunday regarding splitting winnings and it was done is an orderly fashion, I will go ahead and continue to split pots ONLY if all of the drivers involved come to the buy back booth at one time and tell us in advance what the splits will be.  Then I will split the winnings.  Hope this makes everyone happier.  I really am trying to keep things honest and keep tempers down.  Thanks for your help in this. 



Entry Fee

Spectator         $15.00

Pro-Line Super Pro     $47  (car and driver)

Footbrake  $37 (car and driver)

Motorcycle   $37  (bike and driver)

Trophy Street    $22   ( car and driver)

Jr Dragster  $20  (dragster and driver)

8.99 rule in effect for Footbrake

Payouts for 2014

Super Pro   Win = $1300     R/up  = $350

Footbrake  Win = $1200    R/up  =  $300

Trophy Street  Win = $100   R/up = $ 50

Motorcycle  100% Payout

Jr Dragster   100% Payout

 We are IHRA sanctioned and will abide by all IHRA rules.

Parking sites are available .Please see Yvonne.